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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52 Tuesdays- Week No.4 Theme: Serenity

For this weeks theme my friends from Saritney Photgraphy picked "serenity". This was a tough one for me because first thought was my life is anything but serene lately, but here's my interpretation :)

Sooo I was trying to think of a time when I feel serene, and I picked the time right before I fall asleep after getting some much needed editing done on the computer. I've recently moved my workstation into our bedroom, and put a bench on the opposite side of my desk for her to sit on while I'm working b/c Olivia is constantly swarming around me when I try to get anything done. She is super into coloring and somehow always manages to find a pen hidden somewhere, and it terrifies me! We have a hard time staying on the paper at age 2 :) so here's a day in the life of me building up to my "serenity" :)

Seriously though ! You have to admit she is pretty scary with a pen in her hand :) lol!
Phew!!!! :)

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Week 5 Theme: "Texture"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 Tuesdays- Week No. 3- Theme: "night"

Had some fun with light writing...
"Goodnight Moon :) "

Next weeks theme: Saritney's Choice :) Let me know what you guys want it to be girls!

I Heart Faces Entry- "Family Fun" 5TH PLACE !


My entry this week for family fun is one of my dear friends and her family. Their son is soo cute! On their shoot he started playing "get mommy and daddy", here's one of my favorite shots. You know how it is, the more scared you act the more excited they get, hehe! Great family fun memories!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 Tuesdays- Tuesday No. 2 "Cheese"

So this week the theme was "cheese". My thought was I wanted to do something with maybe a cheese on cheese...but then Olivia has been watching the movie "Rio" lately and the thought with cheese came a line from the movie where they say in Minnesota they have an expression "Cheese and Sprinkles" soo... there is the thought behind it and here's what I came up with... :)

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Next week's theme.... "Night"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Heart Faces Entry- Best Face of 2011

Well for 2011 I have to go with my favorite little person, my daughter Olivia. This shot was taken on a last minute weekend trip to Callaway Gardens in Georgia. I love this image because I caught her as she was exploring the grape vineyard and she turned to look at me when I called her name. I absolutely love her heart shaped lips <3 It was a gorgeous day that I'll never forget from 2011! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

52 Tuesdays- Tuesday No. 1

So I am doing a personal project along with a few friends and we are calling it "52 Tuesdays". Same overall idea as a 365 project where you take a picture everyday, but different in that we get a week to complete it and it has a theme. We will have a different theme each week and will photograph something that fits that theme however we see fit. This first week the theme is "About Me" so here it goes...

I now own a 5D Mark II!!!! Pinch me! Now I'm too legit, too legit to quit, hey hey!!!

My biggest supporter and the greatest husband and father in the world, my Jeremy ! 

My greatest accomplishment... my daughter Olivia Okchom Hilliard! My little quarter Korean masterpiece :)

I love bokeh, anytime, anywhere :) This is at Stone Mtn. in Atlanta, GA on our weekend trip w/ family.

And the thing that looms over me everyday... my huge regime of meds that I am on to control my AutoImmune Disease. I take some of these twice a day.
 I can add to my list of talents professional pill taker :) lol...
So now you know a little about me!
Next weeks theme: "Cheese"

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Monday, November 28, 2011

I Heart Faces Entry- Theme: "Bust a Gut"

This photo is from one of my recent shoots, and it makes me laugh everytime I think back to when I took it. I asked the son to give mommy a little kiss and he gave her one then another, and another, and another knowing that it would tickle and he would get a big laugh out of his mommy :) soo cute!